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Brownbag braving Delhi Rumors

Brownbag braving Delhi Rumors: It was just another day that we started our work. We as in, employees of Brownbag. Here I would like to talk a little bit about Brownbag. Brownbag is a Dwarka, Delhi based start-up which is operating in some parts of Delhi (mainly Southwest and south) and it is serving approximately 5000 users. Brownbag does morning and on-demand deliveries. We have also started into B2B to supply and help stores sell better.

As I reached office to manage evening and morning procurement, I found office doors to be closed and shutters to be pulled down, which was strange as usually when our staff is working in the evening, the shutters are mostly open. Actually our staff had closed themselves inside because they were scared. I explained them that there was nothing to be scared of and it was mostly rumors. But I was forced to call the owner of the company, Mr. Srikant Agrawal as our regular supplier couldn’t supply the items, due to unrest in Southwest Delhi. But irrespective of the situation, we were committed to serve the users in the morning. My subordinates were scared to go out and procure stuff from our partner stores.

How was Brownbag able to serve you?

Both the Co- Founders arrived within 15 minutes of my calling and picked up employees from our warehouse. Mr Srikant also talked to the partner stores to extend store hours for us. It was such a change as soon as Mr Srikant & Ms Garima arrived and took us to the store for procurement. As we were rushing to pick up stuff from aisles to aisles within the store in the dark, we found Mr Srikant holding his phone-light to help us find the stuff and on the other hand requesting the store staff to switch on the lights of the store. It was strange, scary and thrilling experience.

When we were checking out, 2 customers came to purchase few items from the store. But store refused them to serve as their checkout counter was closed for customers. There was some confusion as these customers thought of us to be regular customers. But when we informed them that we were from Brownbag and were specially operating in extended hours for our customers, they were surprised and downloaded the BBEarly app immediately. Finally we helped them in purchasing stuff through Brownbag account and their gratitude was worth the help. They were very happy and said Best of luck and left. We reached back our office at 11:00 pm. Once again we were relieved that our Delhi was safe and our management stood by us when required.

Big Thanks to My Boss & Delhi Police

Later we came to know that in Dwarka there were mostly rumors and nothing unfortunate happened. I hope that every one is safe and those who are in authority, also act responsibly as my boss & Delhi Police stood by us in the hour of need.

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