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How Brownbag helps in fighting Coronavirus?

Coronavirus COVID-19

Today, we are dealing with Coronavirus, specially now that it has affected Delhi as well as India. Here are few things and few products which can help in prevention and might be in curing or fighting coronavirus.

Having immunity boosters in our daily diet like

  • Amla
  • Raw turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Aloevera juice
  • Amla juice
  • black pepper
  • black pepper powder
  • Giloy
  • Tulsi tea etc.

not only help in curing or fighting coronavirus but also help in prevention of the disease. More any person is having immunity to fight the disease the better it is. These are daily use products in Indian households but we forget in our day to day chores. Therefore, Brownbag not only helps you in ordering this stuff through Brownbag app or BBEarly app but also helps you remind that these are the simple things which can help you in fighting the bad disease corona virus Covid 19.
You can have these and any other immunity boosters to boost your immunity which will help you fight all kind of virus leave aside coronavirus.

Baba Ramdev says following Asanas can be also used for prevention and probably cure:
  • Kapaalbhati
  • Bhastrika
  • Anulom vilom

Baba Ramdev says that if we do these asanas regularly these will help in improving our body and fighting any kind of diseases. They increase our inner strength as well. We should avoid doing following things so that the disease does not spread further:

  • Avoid gathering in groups
  • Namaste for greeting instead of handshakes
  • Regularly sanitize or clean your hands
  • Wear facemasks especially when you are in crowded areas. In case masks are not available then use handkerchiefs to cover your mouth when stepping outside your homes
  • When coming from outside wash your face and hands

When sneezing:sneezing_face: cover your mouth with elbow.Hopefully, we will fight this disease together and act responsibly. Here I would request all the customers or households associated with us or reading this message, please educate your children, helps, cooks, drivers or any other person who might not be aware regarding the same. Brownbag wishes all that this Holi be disease-free, violence free and happy. It has all bright colours of blissful life.

By downloading and using Brownbag or BBEarly App you can purchase milk, daily need items and groceries without going to markets or mixing into crowds, which further helps in safeguarding you from coronavirus.

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