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Rajma; Indian Pink Bean or Kidney Bean the WONDER FOOD

On Kapil Sharma Show, Jackie Chan was asked secret behind his health, he said “Kidney bean soup”. Jackie Chan has sustained multiple injuries in his career of Martial Arts and always revived fast and wonderfully. If he says KIDNEY BEAN is the secret, then would highly recommend it.

Rajma is a famous vegetarian dish, Red in color, in the shape of a kidney, hence the name Kidney beans. In the Northern Province of Himachal Pradesh and the Jammu region of the state of Jammu & Kashmir some of the best known Rajma are grown. The dish was developed after the red kidney bean was brought to South Asia from Mexico. Being a popular dish, it is prepared on important and sacred occasions. Rajma Chawal (Rajma Rice) served with chutney of “Anardana” is a famous dish of Peerah, a town in Ramban district of Jammu region. Going further, the Rajma of Chinta Valley in Doda district, a short distance from the town of Bhaderwah of Jammu province is said to be amongst the most popular varieties. These are smaller in size than most Rajma grown in plains, and have a slightly sweetish taste. The combination of Rajma and rice generally lists as a top favorite of North Indians and Nepalese.

100 gram serving of boiled Rajma beans contains about 140 calories, 5.7 grams of protein, 5.9 grams of fat and 18 grams of carbohydrate

Health Benefits of Kidney Beans:

  • Kidney beans contain certain antioxidants which have beneficial health effects. Studies indicate that beans with a darker skin color have higher number of antioxidants.
  • Kidney beans are rich in soluble fiber content which regulates the blood glucose absorption from the body. The soluble fibre forms a gel-like substance by absorbing water from the intestines and slows down the metabolism process of carbohydrates in the body, hence regulating the blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of kidney beans also helps in preventing diabetes.
  • The dietary fiber present in kidney beans helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels in the body. It further reduces the risk of certain diseases, like strokes, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease.
  • Kidney beans are high in certain nutrients which are involved in the process of detoxification, thereby lowering the risk of a number of inflammatory, degenerative, and cardiovascular Diseases. Besides this, they are important for maintaining optimal health.
  • Kidney beans have high quantities of iron; thus, their regular consumption helps in the process of respiration at the cellular level. The iron content of the beans helps in synthesizing hemoglobin to aid in the carry of oxygen to the cells.
  • .These beans also contain copper which reduces inflammatory conditions, like rheumatoid Arthritis. Copper is also beneficial for promoting certain enzymatic activity which is necessary for maintaining the normal elastic properties of ligaments, joints, and blood vessels.
  • Kidney beans contain Thiamin which plays a significant role in enzymatic reactions for energy production and is critical for cognitive functions of the brain. Its regular intake can avoid age-related impairment in mental function (senility) and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Kidney beans contain Magnesium which helps in relieving fatigue by relaxing the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. It further prevents the adverse effects of conditions like asthma, muscle soreness, and migraine headaches.
  • Amino Acids: Kidney beans contain about 8 essential amino acids that can prepares protein in your body. These amino acids are highly helpful in fighting many infections and diseases as it helps in developing a strong immune system. The proteins created by these amino acids form the building blocks of your body.
  • Eliminates Bile Acids: The presence of dietary fibre in kidney beans enables in maintaining the cholesterol levels during pregnancy Kidney beans have the ability to regulate the cholesterol levels. Intestinal bile acids bond with the dietary fibre of the beans and flush away the excess fat from your body. Consuming kidney beans everyday can help you overcome feeling of uneasiness every morning as it eliminates the bile acids that can cause morning sickness or the feeling of nausea.
  • Flushes the Sulfites: If you love delicatessen salads and other such foods, there are chances that your body might have sulphite traces, as it is a preservative added in these foods. Kidney beans contain good levels of a trace mineral known as Molybdenum, which is a major component of sulfite oxidase, an enzyme that helps in detoxifying the sulphite. Consuming kidney beans regularly help you stay away from sulphite related allergies such as headache or fast paced heartbeat during pregnancy.
  • Offers Energy: Kidney beans have abundant amounts of Magnesium that enable it to relieve tiredness during pregnancy. It relieves fatigue by relaxing blood vessels, nerves and the muscles. It also prevents adverse medical conditions like migraine, headaches, soreness in muscles and asthma, which makes it highly beneficial during the period of pregnancy.

With so many benefits to celebrate, it’s no wonder that kidney bean is a super food for pregnant women as well as for all others who aspire good health.

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