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Sanitize, not Dramatize. Safe bhi healthy bhi – Bio Fresh Sanitizer

Bio fresh sanitizer

Bio fresh Sanitizer is Alcohol-based sanitizer and is pure herbal. It typically contains combination of isopropyl alcohol (denatured ) Eq to absolute Alcohol 72.34% which is most effective ration as it varies from 60% – 90%. Bio fresh is Alcohol-based hand sanitizer which not only works against a wide variety of microorganisms but also has refreshing & protection gel which leaves hands feeling clean, soft and refreshed. Bio fresh gel contains lemon fragrance with moisturising Neem extract and vitamins E & A.

Why Bio Fresh is safe for hands as well as health?

  • Because it’s formulated with 70% ethyl alcohol, which is higher than the minimum recommended by the CDC.
  • Bio fresh Sanitiser is the best sanitizer if you are looking for a hand sanitiser with a light fragrance, moisturising & fresh soothing qualities.
  • Biofresh Sanitizer not only protects your family from Corona and other dangerous viruses but keeps you hands safe and moisturised.
  • Bio fresh Sanitizer is available on Brownbag app, Swiggy (Brownbag Store), BBEARLY app & Brownbag.in

Should one wash hands after after using sanitizer?

One should use proper amount of sanitizer, sanitizer should be rubbed on all surfaces of your hands, and has to be dried after use. Be careful not to wipe your hands or rinse them after applying sanitizer. If used correctly, alcohol-based sanitizer like Biofresh sanitiser kills at least 99.9 percent of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

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