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Top 10 milk brands in India

top 10 milk brands

As we all know Milk plays an important role in our lives from the day of birth to till now. Our mothers used to serve the milk on every day whether the day for them is busy or not. We have lots of milk brands in India let’s talk about top 10 milk brands in India.

Producing energy. Drinking the glass of milk can produce the energy. The carbohydrate and the other elements of milk make strength in our body and also produce the energy. Skin care. For a long time, milk believed can make our skin good and bright. So, the health benefits of milk is not only for body inside but for body outside like skin. Hence we just have to take a glass of milk and can do whatever we want to do.

Less stress. Sometimes we got stress from many things. To less stress drinking the glass of milk before we go to bed can makes a solution.

Let’s discuss the top 10 brands of milk.

1. Amul milk : This brand became one of the leading brands with dairy products such as milk, cheese, milk powder and whipped cream.

2. Fair Dairy :Fair Dairy milk is free of any chemical additives. Such milk are pasteurized and ready to drink.

3. Mother Dairy : This is a very popular seller and producer of the milk. As it has many dairy products like cheese, milk, ice cream etc.

4. OMFED : It is a dairy cooperative society with its cooperative office at Hyderabad. It produces, procures and markets milk products and milk.

5. Nandini Milk : It is the cooperative firm from South India as well as the biggest firm with more than 13157 dairies in Karnataka.

6. Vijaya Milk : It offers affordable price and provides milk support to milk users and producers. It is a privately owned firm.

7. Dynamix Dairy : It has its corporate office in Maharashtra and running its office for 21 years. It produces and market milk.

8. Milma : MILMA is a cooperative brand. Its cooperative office is in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It was established in 1980 and run by Kerala Cooperative Milk Federation.

9. Aavin : It has its corporate office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This brand is managed by Tamil Nadu Milk Producer’s Federation Ltd.

10.Sagar Dairy : It is a Cooperative milk company that produces and sells milk and other dairy products. The corporate office is in Mehsana, Gujrat and was established in 1963.

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