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Top 10 recipes without onion

Top 10 dishes without Onion

Top 10 recipes without Onion that can be cooked deliciously tasty:
1. Cauliflower & Potato
2. Methi Aloo
3. Tomato soup
4. Green French beans fry
5. Paneer bhurji
6. Kadhi pakora
7. Aloo mattar
8. Khicdi
9. Sarson ka saag
10. Carrot peas fry

Pyaz hua mahenga, Par main dikhau thenga

I will have the last laugh with these top ten recipes without Onion. As they are very heating it can cause skin rashes or redness, etc eating this will make you feel horrible. Their prices have recently risen to Rs 135 per kg in some areas because supply has almost gone ( halved )compared to that a year ago, stored stock of the onions has been consumed and the new crop has been delayed and damaged due to a heavy rainy season.

One can replace them with Spring Onions / Hara pyaz and many other things which can be good for your health and tasty as well. This is neither good for the country’s farmers or traders, who are facing a fall in demand. They are over rated and one can easily survive without them. In mostly households their are many recipes which are prepared deliciously without onions, specially for festivals / fasts / navratras or any other auspicious occasions. Be adjustable save Onions save money 👌.

As per the reports till New year the Onion price can get high. Don’t stress too much here we have mentioned the without Onion top 10 recipes which you can be prepared till the onion prices are high. As per the survey it would be difficult for the government to announce any further step to rising in their prices or to do something else in reduction in their prices as any further step puts the Modi government’s farmer-friendly agenda at high risk.

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