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Why Onion prices are high in India 2019


Onions are an important part of Indian cooking and recently their price has become very high due to a shortage. This situation become worse due to floods in several states and has become a problem for the people. The country is facing one of the worst economic crises with GST and Demonetization. Inflation is on an all-time high (onion prices as high as Rs 160 per kg). 

The price of onions has even doubled across cities in India because the demand for onions was more than what was supplied by the country, hence making onions more valuable.

Onion prices in India up by over 400% after March!

In Places like Panaji in Goa, the rates were as high at Rs 165 per kilogram. In fact, the average price of a kilo of onions across 114 cities came to over Rs 100, according to official data.

Pressure has begun to mount on the Congress for a pro-active intervention by the high command to check soaring prices of key food items, including sugar and onion.

Although WPI ( Wholesale Price Index) figures in the last several weeks have been showing a downtrend, the prices of some commodities have persistently stayed up or increased.

Experts suggest that the situation is bad and likely to normalize in December when imports will hit the market. However, if onion prices do not come down by next month, it will leave the government in tears as well.

We tear when we cut onions. But Nepalis are now shedding tears ‘for’ onions!

This is no sarcasm, considering the skyrocketing prices of onions across the country, currently at NPR 230/kilo.

After being priced NPR 200/kilo on November 25, 2019, the prices went up NPR 30/kilo in a single day, touching the record high of NPR 230/kilo.

The reason is lack of supply after India stopped exporting the vegetable to the Himalayan nation. Nepal has 98% of its onion demand met by Indian imports.

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