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Why sweet potato is good for bodybuilding ?

Sweet potato

This is one the easiest foods to cook. All you need is a paper towel and a microwave and you have yourself a lean source of carbohydrates. 100g of sweet potato has only 20g of carbohydrates. The fiber content in sweet potatoes is 6.6 grams.

Compare that to bread that has is roughly 40% carbs, sweet potatoes are a good option for anyone looking to make lean gains.

Sweet potatoes are loaded in vitamins are a good starch. Basically a better potato.

It’s carbohydrate profile content consists of 4 grams of protein, 6.6 grams of dietary fiber, 41.4 grams of carbohydrates, 14.1 grams of starch, 13 grams of sugar.

Sweet Potatoes mineral profile content consists of 76 mg of calcium, 1.4 mg of iron, 54 mg of magnesium, 108 mg of phosphorus, 950 mg of potassium, 72mg of sodium, 0.6 mg of zinc, 0.3mg of copper, 1.0mg of manganese, 0.4mcg of selenium.

It’s vitamin content is rich in vitamin A with 38,433 IU, vitamin C at 39.2 gm. Sweet potatoes do not contain vitamin B12 and are low in vitamin B6 at .06mg.

The potassium level in sweet potatoes :

are the key to muscle growth and improvement, therefore is a vital key for bodybuilders incorporating sweet potatoes in their eating regimen. The potassium level in sweet potatoes is 950 milligrams per cup. I would say a medium sweet potato would be close to one cup.

The amount of potassium needed for an individual

Let’s determined by age and gender. Therefore, if you are a male between the ages of 14–51 + years the potassium level would be 3,000–3,600 mg daily.

For a female between the ages of 14–51+ years that are NOT pregnant or lactating, the potassium level would be 2,300–2,600 mg daily.

Males would be able to consume approximately a minimum of 3 sweet potatoes daily to hit the recommended potassium level daily. Females would be able to consume approximately a minimum of 2.5 sweet potatoes daily.

The lower glycemic index number also plays a role in a bodybuilding eating regimen.

Although, the low glycemic index is determined by how the sweet potato is prepared. For example, if sweet potato is boiled for 30 minutes, or cubed and boiled for 15 minutes, the glycemic index is low. But if the sweet potatoes are baked for 45 minutes or overcooked; the glycemic index is high.

The lower the glycemic index, the slower the body burns the food, thus causing more energy for the body. Hence, sweet potatoes are a great pre-workout food that will help sustain you through a long workout.

Not only does fiber in the sweet potatoes help with muscle-building, but it also is great for good digestion, appetite control and has the ability to burn fat.

ConclusionSweet potatoes are a great source of energy for the bodybuilder, which can be consumed pre or post-workout.

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